Details of Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Situated between the foot of the Aberdares and the snow capped Mt Kenya lies the 360 sq km known as the Ol Pajeta Conservancy (informally known as the Sweet Waters).

The non for profit wildlife conservancy work to conserve wildlife, provide a sanctuary for chimpanzee and to generate income for through wildlife tourism for conservation and community development. The Conservancy is home to the big 5, which includes the endangered black and white rhino, the lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard as well as a sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees.

The Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary which is only one in Kenya for this endangered species was started in 1993, with an initial group of 3 chimpanzees being brought in the sanctuary from Burundi after the break of the civil war and this number has increased over the years as more chimpanzees are rescued from harsh or threatening situations. They are given names on arrival in the Sanctuary and such names include Bahati, Ali Kaka, Alley, Jojo, Eva among others.

Since the rescued chimpanzees are never introduced to the wild again, you can adapt a chimpanzee and support the work of the sanctuary. As mentioned earlier the Ol Pajeta Conservancy aims to secure habitat for the purposes of wildlife conservation and in particular the endangered black rhino species, making it now the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa.

In 2009, they received 4 of last world Northern white rhinos from a zoo in check Republic to ensure they got a favorable breeding conditions to ensure they do not extinct.

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